Tower T16005 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Perks aside, you have to admit that pressure pots are somewhat intimidating. The image of a heavy pot with the jiggling metal disk on top, rattling away in the stove like a bomb about to explode while your mother slaved tirelessly trying to keep dinner from becoming ceiling art is perhaps the more overwhelming thought.  Thankfully, nearly exploding pressure cookers are now a relic of culinary history. And between reducing the cooking time for food, preserving their nutrients and taste, pressure cookers may very well be the savior of whole-foods home cooking in a society always pressed for time.

The Tower T16005 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cookeris a wonder-working, time-saving pressure cooker. It makes preparing nutritious foods with whole ingredients happen in no more than a snap. It dramatically reducing cooking time for beans, grains, vegetables, soups and stews.  This turns dishes that once called for advance planning and long-simmering into spur-of-the-moment meals.  Additionally, its work enhances digestibility by getting rid of anti-nutrients.

This review provides a detailed account of the features of the Tower T16005 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker.  You will find that it definitely stacks up against the old stove pot you wouldn’t get rid of.

Price: £64.95

Tower T16005 Express Electric Pressure Cooker Specifications:


  • Brand: Tower
  • Color: Silver
  • Rated Volume: 6 Liters
  • Diameter: 33 Centimeters
  • Wattage: 1100 watts
  • Voltage: 220-240volts
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Dimensions: 33 x 33.5 x 30.5 cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel



Product Features

For home uses, the features of a pressure pot are critical to determining whether or not they should be purchased; it is helpful to chose a model that is both easy to use and wouldn’t interact too badly with foods and create off-flavors. These are the features of the Tower T16005 that make it a great choice –

Digital Display

The Tower T16005 model includes a control panel features clear and concise instructions. The instructions come handy since it doesn’t have as many functions as its closely related multi cookers does. The model includes preset cooking functions, accessed by solid buttons rather than a press pad and includes keep warm functions.

Stainless Steel Exterior

The Tower T16005, like other closely related models, is made of High-quality and heavy-gauge steel which confers its stain and corrosion resistance. This is a result of its 10.5% chromium which adds to its durability. This feature also adds to its shiny, appealing exterior which is attributed to the constituting nickel.

6 Liter Capacity & Safety Features

Its 6-litre capacity is a generous amount of room for a variety of functions.  Its capacity also serves as a safety feature itself, providing room for the accumulation of pressure. Subsequent to cooking, the lid stays sealed until the pressure is fully released. A safety lock valve on the back of the lid prevents the lid from being removed until it is de-pressurized.

Warranty & Accessories

The manufacturer of the Tower T16005 gives buyers of the model a bold 3 year guarantee to cover as many damages  or losses as are included in the warranty agreement.

Non-Stick Interior

The model has a non-stick interior that provides protection from unnecessary scrubbing or corrosive cleaners that may be otherwise needed to clean it after cooking.


On sight, the Tower T16005 appears quite sturdy with the lid being easy to affix. Its 6L capacity and 70% faster method of cooking as well is a generous feature.  The pots stainless steel steam rack which is non-stick along with its removable inner pot  makes it an all together reliable choice.

The model also It also features a 24 hour keep warm function that is convenient for occasions where you aren’t quite ready to remove and use the meal immediately. The keep warm feature is engaged immediately after cooking, and the time set has elapsed.

In addition to the eight protection devices with LED display and indicator lights, the Tower T16005 has cool touch handles that guarantees the handlers protection and a stainless steel body with non-stick pot that offers a gentle assurance of its long life span.

The versatility and multifunctional abilities of the cooker allows it to be used for a variety of purposes, from making fluffy rice at the touch of a button to tenderizing cuts of meat with functions on hand for cake, yoghurt and porridge. The browning meat and fish functions create succulent meat and fish and its pulses function cooks lentils and grains as well.


No Time Delay Function:

This may not necessarily be a deal breaker since this feature may easily be replaced by its 24-hour  keep warm feature which is automatically engaged after the time for cooking has elapsed, but if you buy this product with the hope to have time delay function; you may end up slightly disappointed.

Its Non-Stick Coating May Fail

There are a few complaints about its non-stick coating failing quite soon after purchasing – if this happens however, you may consider requesting for a replacement part; especially if this occurs within the time limit covered by the warranty.

What People are Saying about the Tower T16005 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker

The model ranks an impressive 4.1 star rating on its Amazon outlet. This reflects on its ability to live up to the expectation of various buyers.  There are hardly any complaints worthy of note and reviewers rave about the quality of its delivery, especially in cooking vegetables and meat, adding that it provides great value for its decent cost.

So, Buy or No?

The Tower T16005 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker is an excellent choice for anyone looking to have an extra gadget that makes itself worth the investment of money and space. Let’s be honest; there are a few kitchen equipment that aren’t worth the hassle anyway, but the  Tower T16005 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker redeems itself by being the gadget that is worth the money and space by providing its user with healthy food in less time and much less money, if you really think about it.