Tefal 10-in-1 Multi Cooker Review

 I came from a region were electrical power supply is highly uncertain, epileptic actually, one cannot afford to build life’s activities around the conveniences of electrical appliances. Not surprising really, I never got the whole hoopla over electric cookers till quite recently.

When I discovered the rice cooker, I fell madly in love. For the very first time I understood the craze and the conveniences an excellent kitchen appliance can bring to a life…my life quite literally changed. The rice cooker (I used it to cook only rice!) became my holy grail among kitchen appliances, what could possibly be better? I rationalized as I made the purchase. I happily prattled to everyone who would listen (and some who would rather not) about the many advantages of the rice cooker; that was until I had a run-in with Tefal  Multicooker

While helping out a friend during a house party, I saw her use a single appliance to cook rice and fry chicken!  Woh what? Of course, I set about interrogating her about the new wonder and she eventually fished out the instruction manual and handed it to me.

The manufactures of Tefal Multi Cook Plus listed a lot of functions on their manual; under the guise of helping my friend, I decided to try them all out before rushing out to get myself one of these.

PRICE: £65.00

Tefal 10-in-1 Multi Cooker Review


Tefal Multi Cooker comes in a plastic mould, the design combines beauty and functionality. It sports a digital LCD display with push buttons artistically arrayed. This compact multi-function cooker is great for a single user and for family use.

Cooking Pot

The unit contains a 2.0 mm thick, 5-layers of non-stick coated inner pot; which is completely detachable.

LCD Display

Fuzzy Logic artificial intelligence enables the unit automatically calculate the time required for each food item. The delay start-up time feature lets you program your cooking to start hours after you have left and makes it keep warm for up to 24 hours after cooking, without food degradation. The unit have 10 cooking programs for making different categories of meals. We will examine them separately


  • Colour: Sparkling black
  • Weight: Light weight
  • Capacity: 5litres (10cups)-3litres (6cups)
  • Dimensions: 2mm thick, 5 layers of non-stick coated inner pot, with diamond shaped bottom
  • Wattage: 600W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Technology: Fuzzy Logic LCD


  • Steam basket– The steaming function is used to steam vegetables and other items requiring steaming to delectable perfection.
  • Measuring cup– Since the unit uses Fuzzy Logic artificial intelligence to calculate cooking parameters for optimal performance, it is important to get your measurements just right.
  • Plastic spoons– The spoons are included for convenience and practicality-perfect for when you sauté onions and such in oil, the plastic spoon protects scratching of the non-stick coating.


A box of Tefal 10-in-1 Multicooker comes delivered with

  • Sparkling black Multi Cooker Plus
  • 0mm thick, 5-layers of non-stick coated inner pot
  • Mixing Bowel
  • Plastic Measuring Cup
  • Rice Spoon
  • Soup Spoon
  • Steam Basket
  • Detachable Power Cable
  • User Manuel
  • Recipe Book


Tefal 10-in-1 Multi Cooker Review

The Tefal 10-in-1 Multicooker has over 10 cooking programs for making everyday meal preparation easy

Rice: When used to prepare rice, it takes a bit longer than conventional cooking methods. But the end results produces a better finish. Not only can the unit delay cook time, the keep warm function ensures you enjoy piping hot meals for up to 24 hours after food preparation.

Stews: The Tefal 10-in-1 Multicooker program allows you to go from sautéing onions or garlic to stewing meat at the press of a button.

Baking: After almost pulling out my hair in silent frustration as there was no clear instruction on how to use the unit for baking; I discovered the crust function does the trick.Tefal 10-in-1 Multicooker can be conveniently used to bake bread or cheese cake.

Steaming: This function prepares vegetables and soups excellently. It preserves perfectly the structure and texture of vegetables when set correctly- a truly remarkable feat.

Yogurt Program: This was the deciding factor for me when making the ultimate decision, because of the incredible benefit of yogurt and the almost erotic concept of making your own overnight. The unit makes a superbly reasonable yogurt and if you want to go Greek, you can simply strain the yogurt you have made overnight and by the time you get home at days end; Viola!, your Greek yogurt is ready. Check out the recipe book.

Keep Warm function: Lets you keep your meal warm for up to 24 hours after preparation. By warm we do mean piping hot, it’s pretty amazing. More so as no food degradation, like loss of taste and texture occurs.

Reheat: This function is especially great for warming baby food without resorting to the microwave.

Slow cook: The Multi Cook Plus can be set to delay meal preparation for hours, so that; when the family do seat down for dinner, the food is served just in time.

Pressure Cooker: TheTefal 10-in-1 Multicooker is not a pressure cooker but you can get similar results by cooking for longer!! When making Chili/beans, no need to use different pots. Sauté your spices, fry your meats and cook your beans all in the same pot. The texture of a meal prepared in Tefal`s Multicook plus deserves to be experienced by everyone.

Porridge and Cereals: Making porridge or cereal in the Multi cook plus is as simple as the press of a button, it’s incredibly efficient.

Cleaning: The cleaning of electrical appliance is a hassle everyone wants out on, however; the Multi cook plus is dish washer friendly and relatively easy to wipe down. Just use and rinse.

Non-stick pot: The incredible beauty of a non-stick coating is zero burning of food and no sticking or scrapping when it comes time to clean up. Tefal`s Multi  plus has 5-layers of non-stick coating to prevent the inevitable `peel-offs` that occurs with continuous usage from mixing with your meals. The manufactures of the Multi cook plus; however, forgot to fix a handle for pulling the inner pot. Hopefully, it will be included in subsequent models to mitigate a chef’s pain.

Noise Free, Odour Free: During meal preparation, there is no tale-tale rattle and hissing emitting from the unit. All the delicate flavours of the meal is preserved in the unit. Also great for small living space, as the cooking aromas will not pervade the entire house.

Recipe Book: The recipe book is a little treasure included in the Tefal Multicooker to give meal ideas. It contains 26 recipes, but by no means are they exhaustive-use the unit to invent and modify recipes at whim!

Safety: The safety features are more accurately explained in the FAQ section; the Multi cook plus shuts down automatically when there is no further moisture in the unit and when the temperature rises above a certain centigrade. The detachable cord is built to protect the unit from electrical power surges.

ADVANTAGES of the Tefal 10-in-1 Multi Cooker plus

  • The unit is a 10 in 1 multi use appliance and certain to limit the use of other kitchen appliances
  • Its relatively easy to use
  • It has push buttons , with a digital LCD display unit
  • Non-stick pot , layered to ensure durability
  • 0mm thick diamond shaped pot to ensure unique cooking experience
  • Detachable cord, making it portable and compact
  • Attractive design and colour
  • Steam basket and other accessories
  • Quiet and odourless operation
  • Dishwasher friendly, easy to wipe down
  • Recipe booklet included
  • Great support network and after sales services

DISADVANTAGES of the Tefal 10-in1 Multi cooker plus

  • Not a conventional pressure cooker, but can hold its own.
  • Not enough instructions included in the operation manual, so be prepared to figure out some of the functions on your own
  • The push buttons are highly touch sensitive, so be careful to touch what you mean to use
  • The entire unit is not dish washer friendly, be sure not to drop the entire unit inside your dishwasher.
  • Not including a handle on the inner pot

All in all this Tefal Multicooker is a great addition to any kitchen, it certainly made a great addition to mine.

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