Instant Pot vs Pressure King Pro – Electric Pressure Cooker

We could blubber on about the relevance of pressure pots and how choosing one is important; and how choosing the right one might be the difference between scrambling around in the kitchen and getting things done in a clear and concise fashion – but when you do make the decision to purchase a pressure pot, you are left with even more confusion than you begun with, because of the throng of options thrown in your face.

First you have to figure out where to buy – and then sifter through a barrage of options only to finally settle on a list of features and find that they are similar to a few products and you have to make a by no-means-easy choice like choose between Instant Pot or Pressure King Pro

Model Options – Instant Pot vs Pressure King Pro

Instant Pot

Currently, in the United Kingdom (UK) there are only 3 models of the Instant Pot that you can choose from. In the USA there are 6 different Instant Pot models from which you can choose, all of which can be grouped by Series. They include the Lux, DUO and Smart model. The Instant pot Lux series was the second version of the pot created and is slightly limited in function, but is by far one of the most inexpensive models you can find on the market. The Duo series was the third version of the pot created and it combines the ability to cook at low pressure, a yogurt cooking function, and handles that double serve as lid holders with the standard features of the Lux series.

Since this comparison if for my UK audience, there are only 3 models to choose from. As at November 11, 2017, the DUO 7-in-1 6 litres and the Lux 60 versions are no longer in stock. However the 8-Litre version of the DUO 7-in-1 is the only model available. I hope the other versions will be available soon and we can enjoy the Instant pot in the UK. I guess the Instant Pot company is having some difficulty with getting the pots into the UK. The instant pot was invented by Canadians.


Pressure King Pro

The main distinguishing factors between the Pressure King Pro options available are the sizes. Pressure King Pro comes in 5, 3 and 6 L options – most of its tech features similar however, you may have to do without a few high-level functionalities.

 pressure king pro review comparison

Size – Instant Pot vs Pressure King Pro

The number of people you would be cooking for on the regular is the major determining factor for whether or not you should purchase a big or small pressure pot. That said, a model that provides a wide range of options (as-per-size) is often your best bet, as long as you remember that you can’t exactly fill it to the brim but to improve effectively, it must at least be as 75% of the space.

  • The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1has 2 size options, a 6L pot and an 8L pot. That said, the standard size is 6L and for most things that size seems to be sufficient for the average family, if you want to do lots of batch cooking or if you have a larger family then it could be worth your while investing in the bigger size.
  • The Pressure King Pro comes in 3L, in the 8 in 1range, 5L in the 12 in 1 range and 6L, 20 in1range

Color Options – Instant Pot vs Pressure King Pro

There is only one color option available if you are thinking about purchasing an Instant pot – i.e. Stainless steel with a black lid.

With the Pressure king, however, you have a vast range of color options depending on your pick. The 3L, in the 8 in 1 range comes in Red, Chrome or Black; the 5L in the 12 in 1 range also has colors Red, Chrome, and Black and finally there is a 6L, 20 in1 that comes only in chrome

Features & Accessories – Instant Pot vs Pressure King Pro

With regard to cooking features, both pots are quite similar – they both have; Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Saute/Browning, Steamer, Warmer and 24 hr delay timer

The differences are the Instant Pot offers Yoghurt Making and the Pressure King Pro offers Canning. The 3L Pressure King Pro doesn’t have either of those options or the saute/browning option. The 6L Pressure King Pro has all of the above options and also offers, frying, pizza, baking and Jam making.

Where accessories are concerned the main difference is the inner pot. The Instant Pot offers a stainless steel option, the Pressure King Pro  has a non stick option on all of their ranges. Both offer measuring cups and spoons and all but the 3L have a steam tray. There seems to be more options to buy spares with the instant pot, as well as replacement pots, you can get a steam basket, a normal pan lid and a silicon lid for the pot so you can store it in the fridge. I could only find a spare pot for the Pressure King Pro.

Performance & Complaints – Instant Pot vs Pressure King Pro

Truth is, The promise of a fast, fresh homemade meal is a pressure cooker’s greatest appeal – it doesn’t matter if you’re Paleo or vegan or just trying to eat better, pressure cooking is the answer for healthy fast food; and both pots offer just that seemlesly – with a few select features of course but are there complaints about the Instant pot? Well, certainly. But it’s main issues have to do with its slow cooker, which doesn’t seem to slow-cook quite right. It doesn’t heat up enough to cook properly, and its salvation would have been the sauté option; if it wasn’t hot and in-adjustable. There are also issues with its inner pot, because of its being non stick, food can burn on the bottom.

With Pressure King Pro, the problems you are likely to encounter have to do with the lid, most people have problems getting the lid on and off,  and getting parts and accessories like the pressure valve might also be a bust and to make matters worse,the inner tray may not fit well making it a little tough to navigate.

Verdict – Instant Pot vs Pressure King Pro

You could never go wrong with either of these two. You might be looking for a more absolute answer to your decision, but you aren’t likely to get that anyway. They both offer features that the other doesn’t. For instance, if color is your thing, the pressure king pro will give you the best options. If you’re looking to find something small – this Pressure king pro is still your guy. On the other hand, the instant pot has the largest sizes but only in chrome. If a 5L pot is big enough for your family then the Pressure King Pro is the cheaper option; if you need larger then your probably better off sticking to the Instant Pot.

There’s little difference in the options offered by both pressure cookers except the Pressure King Pro 6L 20 in 1; which has a few different options but that is reflected in the high price. Again, there is also little difference in the accessories in the box; the stainless steel pot in the Instant Pot compared to the non-stick aluminum pot in the Pressure King Pro. There are 1 or 2 extras that can be bought for the Instant Pot making it a bit more user-friendly.

And ultimately, you really cannot go wrong with choosing either of these pressure pot options.