Instant Pot vs Cook4me by Tefal

Let me start by stating what might be considered common knowledge in these parts – the pressure cooker market is an absolute jungle.

But you probably know that already.

To get to the good stuff, you literally have to fight off tons of opinions – both seemingly ‘good willing’ and the others that are a blatant disregard for what is best for you and are clearly misleading; and you also need to struggle with the temptation to give up your search for the right pressure pot when it is a question of making a choice between two well-known brands; for instance – Instant Pot or Cook4Me?


Model Options

  • Instant Pot

Currently, there are 6 different Instant Pot models from which you can choose, all of which can be grouped by Series. They include the Lux, DUO, and Smart, model. The Instant pot Lux series was the second version of the pot created and is slightly limited in function, but is by far one of the most inexpensive models you can find on the market. The Duo series was the third version of the pot created and it combines the ability to cook at low pressure, a yogurt cooking function, and handles that double serve as lid holders with the standard features of the Lux series. The Smart model is essentially one of the DUO series that comes accompanied by a Bluetooth-enabled cooking computer ad-on.


  • Cook4Me

The cook 4me is a model on its own. In order to fully understand this, know that the Cook4me is a multicooker made by the production company Tefal that specializes in kitchen appliances – thus the Tefal cook4me is a one-way street with regard to options. While there might be subsequent models, the current one is the Tefal CY701840 Cook4me

Sizes- Instant Pot Vs Cook4me By Tefal

That said, a model that provides a wide range of options (as-per-size) is often your best bet, a number of people you would be cooking for on the regular is the major determining factor for whether or not you should purchase a big or small pressure pot.Instant Pot Duo7-in-1 has 2 size options, a 6L pot, and an 8L pot. The Cook4me, on the other hand, comes in one size option 6L. That said, the standard size is 6L and for most things that size seems to be sufficient for the average family, if you want to do lots of batch cooking or if you have a larger family then it could be worth your while investing in the bigger size.

Color Options – Instant Pot Vs Cook4me By Tefal

In this case, there aren’t too many different variations. With the Instant pot, there is only one color option available – Stainless steel with a black lid. With a Cook4me however, you may either choose from the white, red or black option. The Tefal CY7018’s black finish can really perk up a dull kitchen bench.

Features & AccessoriesInstant Pot Vs Cook4me By Tefal

The cook4me has 5 cooking settings which allow you to pressure-cook, steam, brown, simmer, or reheat your meals. Quite similar to the instant pot that provides Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Saute/Browning, Steamer and Warmer. The cook4me features Delayed start, Timer, control panel in a full-color LCD and is dishwasher safe as well.

The Instant pot offers a stainless steel inner-pot with measuring cups, spoon and a steam tray in all the models but the 3L capacity option.  On the other hand the accessories available with the Cook4me are those that you may have to purchase to improve practicality – a steam basket as well as a decompression ball that acts as a steam regulator, ball bearing support and ball casing, as well as a nonstick inner pot; a far cry from the stainless steel inner-pot available with the Instant pot.

Performance & Complaints Instant Pot Vs Cook4me By Tefal


The cook4me is promised to be your own personal assistant and truly doesn’t fall short. It comes with 50 pre-programmed recipes and guides you step by step to cook tasty meals for up to 6 people. At the push of a button, cook a variety of meals and reduce time spent in the kitchen. There is no need to monitor the cook4me while in progress. When the meal is ready, the cooker keeps it warm until it’s time to eat. And with cool-touch handles, you can be reassured of a totally safe cooking experience.

It does have quite a few problems though. First, you probably won’t buy a cookbook with only 50 recipes, and the machine could have featured a USB port to make up for so few recipes – but it doesn’t.  The screen is also poorly angled to be read by an adult, it only displays quantities of ingredients once, before telling you what to do with them.

The Instant pot is also full of promises of its own, from lamb shanks that are velvety soft in 40 minutes; to short ribs that fall off the bone in 30, and spare ribs that reach porky perfection in 20 minutes; but it has just as many shortcomings. Its main issues have to do with its slow cooker, which doesn’t seem to slow-cook quite right. It doesn’t heat up enough to cook properly, and its salvation would have been the sauté option; if it wasn’t hot and in-adjustable. There are also issues with its inner pot, because of its being non stick, food can burn on the bottom


If you are looking for an outright – buy this, or don’t buy that, you might be slightly disappointed. Mostly because, we both know that with gadgets there are no absolutes; so you really cannot be assured of one thing over the other. Looking for a pot with many model options and accompanying accessories? Then the Instant pot is your guy. But say you want to skip the bland dull color and have the option of up to 50 inbuilt recipes; go with the Cook4me. Either way, you can never be too regretful of your choice; they both promise an excellent experience that will guarantee you the best possible meals in the shortest time imaginable. That said, if you have a big family – your options are glaring. Otherwise, get yourself a Cook4me.