Electric pressure cooker recipes

Update - 2017.11.23

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Electric pressure cooker recipes are a gentle reminder that using an electric pressure cooker affords you a few perks you would otherwise never enjoy. Everyone already knows that the secret weapon to conquering elaborate dinners that taste like you were slaving over the stove all day, when in fact you had no more than 20 minutes to whip up something great.

Your electric pressure cooker might seem excellent; until you run out of inspiration. If you’re looking for a few reasons to put the electric pressure cooker to good use, here are a few ideas that will become a mild obsession;

#1 Appetizer Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Appetizers are a hit at every party. If you want to start any meal right, a spread of finger food and dips or just something to nibble on is great ways to begin. It is easy to be intimidated by the thought process that seems to go into organizing a great spread, but appetizers are not something to be fussed over – here are a few ideas that This Old Gal recommends;

It’s common knowledge that homemade hummus is a better option to the over-processed store-bought alternatives.

Made with a combination of Garbanzo beans, red peppers, onion and garlic you can whip up the hummus after only high-pressure cooking for 1 hour on your electric pressure cooker. The result is a tasty silky dip that you can easily store by freezing.


This southern style boiled peanuts are a great snack and a breeze to prepare. Simply rinse the peanuts under cool water, season with kosher salt and cook on high pressure for 55- 120 minutes – or until you attain the required tenderness.

The peanuts are a soft bean-like entertaining taste that will be a big hit with your guests.

#2  Vegetable Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Most vegetables typically only need a few minutes (if at all) until they are ready enough to eat. Consider using a look up an outline for guidance on how much time to leave your vegetables in the pressure pot. But other than that, these recipes will knock anyone out of the water, and be a favorite with the vegans –

This is a quick and easy diary and fat free Columbian vegetable soup. It is made with potatoes, carrots, corn, fava beans, peas and broth. On the stove top, it might prove a hassle; but with an electric pressure cooker the potatoes break down and make the soup creamy without masking the flavor of the vegetables. No stock or dairy is needed.

Risotto’s are a dreadful thought, even for the best cooks because of the attention that it requires. Using your electric pressure cooker however, lets you make the perfect risotto with minimal hassle and in mere minutes.

A combination of dry sake, soy sauce, yellow Miso paste and risotto rice and homemade vegetable or chicken stock; the result is an amazingly creamy vegan risotto.

#3. Meat Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Pressure cooked meat is a delicate subject. This is because it could end up either juicy and tender or; tough and dry. Electric pressure cookers easily changes the game with features that allow you to quite easily abandon the meat in the care of the cooker to produce tender, juicy beef dishes in no time.

Served with rice and green beans, the pressure cooked barbeque chicken makes and easy weekday meal. It is made by heating boneless chicken thighs in pressure cooker over medium heat, then seasoning it meat and then cooking following your electric pressure cookers manufacturer’s instructions.

Chicken thighs may quite easily be substituted with any cut of chicken. Only make sure that you cook the chicken long enough to ensure the sauce doesn’t end up too watery.

Although they are inspired by the classic buffalo chicken wings, these Buffalo wings are not the famous fried Buffalo wings. Instead of frying, the chicken is first steamed in the pressure cooker and not fried. Then, the wings are broiled till they are caramelized.

They are made with chicken wings, celery, plain whole milk yogurt, and seasoning. With your electric pressure cooker, cooking for 10 minutes at high pressure is sufficient time for perfectly caramelized wings.

#4. Sea Food Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Sea food and all its intricate may prove a lot more trouble than you envisaged. But with an electric pressure cooker, you are saved quite a bit of hassle.

You probably didn’t even think it was possible, but the future is here! And it has a tray full of sushi rice to keep you entertained as you go along.

In just minutes, you can make super sticky sushi rice following standard procedure for sushi preparation and cooking for about 5 minutes before rolling the nori into the rice. Of the nori doesn’t close immediately, running some water on the edge should glue it close.

Known as en pallion in French, packet cooking is a way to steam fish in its own juices using only aromatics and vegetables.

Simple wrap the fish in a double layer of oven paper and tin-foil and steam in the pressure. Double wrapping provides a wonderful parchment packet for presentation with the safety and security of tin foil that makes the paper stay out of harms way, and provides protection from the danger manufacturers warn about when putting tin foil in direct contact with acidic foods.

#5. Desert Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

How about a little indulgence without all the trouble?

Pressure Cooker Blackberry Soda

Pressure cooking is a full-proof way of making fruit extracts that taste like having a sip of heaven.

Making the soda in this case involves catching the flavor without much work. Simply cook for about 10 minutes, extract their juice and pour into a heavy saucepan and heat with syrup and serve with lemon.


At this point, you probably realize the versatility of your electric pressure cooker, if you hadn’t already. So how about dropping everything else and putting that cooker to good use?